Spring Health
Mental and Emotional
Wellbeing Support

Support your mental and emotional wellbeing with Spring Health. Onsite counseling available.

Spring Health provides personalized mental health care and wellness support designed to make Microsoft employees and dependents feel your best. Through Spring Health, you and your dependents have access to a number of options to improve mental and emotional wellbeing—all to help you manage things like stress, anxiety, sadness, or whatever you're experiencing in life right now.

We are happy to offer in person short-term counseling with Spring Health Providers through the Living Well Health Center.

With Spring Health, you and your dependents can get help with every aspect of your mental and emotional wellbeing. Here's some of what you can find:

  • 24/7 phone line
    for in the-moment and crisis support, call 1(855) 629-0554, press option 2
  • A 5-minute mental health assessment and personalized care plan tailored just for you
  • Spring Health Care navigators, who are licensed mental health clinicians, will connect you to mental health care and help you understand options
  • Up to 24 free short-term therapy sessions (with a Spring Health provider) per person, per calendar year
    • Ability to select your counselor, see their availability, and book an appointment directly on your Spring Health account.
    • In PERSON appointments at the Living Well Health Center in Redmond
    • Up to 12 sessions available per person for the remainder of calendar year 2022
  • Professional coaches focused on mental and emotional wellbeing who can help you set and achieve tangible goals, build new skills, and develop healthier habits
  • Medication management consultation using up to two of your free sessions, as needed
  • Self-guided exercise on your Spring Health platform to manage stress, anxiety, burnout, and more (known as Moments)
  • Work-life resources and referrals that can do the research for you to find options for care of loved ones (childcare, eldercare, pet care), help around the home, legal and financial assistance and more.

View this explainer video to learn more about this new benefit.

Take these important steps to get started with Spring Health, schedule and if needed schedule an in-person counseling appointment at the Living Well Health Center:

  1. Create an account at aka.ms/SpringHealth to get started and download the Spring Health App. If you have any questions about the process, reach out to careteam@springhealth.com.
  2. Once you create your account you will complete a 5-minute Mental Health Assessment and receive a care plan.
  3. You can then schedule time with a counselor and will find options for onsite/in-person counseling at the Living Well Health Center in Redmond through your Spring Health account.

Learn more about the newly expanded Microsoft CARES program at aka.ms/mscares.

Wellbeing isn't extra, it's essential.