Get a clear view of the costs. Introducing simplified pricing for your healthcare at the Living Well Health Center.

Services at the LWHC are available for employees and dependents who are currently enrolled in a Microsoft provided medical insurance through Premera or Kaiser.

Primary Care Health Savings Plan Health Connect Plan
Virtual Office Visit No Charge
Through December 2020
No Charge
Through December 2020
Office Visit $75 $20 – Primary care
$40 – Specialist
Labs – Non preventive Varies based on labs* Varies based on labs*
Radiology Film and Read Fee $35 $3.50
Preventive Care
Annual Physical No charge* No charge*
Women’s Health
Travel Consult
Labs – Preventive Care/Screenings
Annual Eye Exam
*Some lab tests are not covered under a preventive visit and may incur additional charges. See Lab Cost table below for more information.
Rehabilitation Services
Physical Therapy $60 $40
Chiropractic $60 $40
Medical Massage $60 $60
Acupuncture (billed from Tree of Health) Varies based on services* Varies based on services*
Additional Services
Wellness Coaching No charge No charge
Dietician/Nutitional Therapy (with medical diagnosis, 12 visits per calendar year covered)
Microsoft CARES Counseling Visit
Allergy Maintenance $20 $2

Low cost pharmacy

Check out how much you can save at our pharmacy:

Medication Living Well Health Center Costco
Sertraline 100 Mg $3.60 $22.82
Fluticasone Nasal Spray $4.77 $42.52
Escitalopram 20 Mg $4.76 $12.25
Lamotrigine 200 Mg $5.40 $32.19
Bupripion XL 150 Mg $9.73 $83.12
Zolpidem 10 Mg $3.76 $14.00
D-Amphetamine Salts 20 Mg $12.96 $27.00
Meloxicam 15 Mg $2.05 $14.90
Gabapentin 600 Mg $6.88 $42.15
Levothyroxine 0.1 Mg $12.31 $30.61
Amox-Clav 875 Mg $3.92 $23.00

Discounted eyewear

Enjoy a 40% discount on eyewear** at Living Well Eye Care. For example:

Hardware Cost
Joseph Abboud Frames $169
Lenses $245
Subtotal $414
Living Well Eye Care 40% Discount ($165.60)
Total Cost $248.40
Microsoft Hardware Benefit $350
Employee Out Of Pocket $23.40

*Cost for these services may vary depending on type/number of therapies provided.
Pharmacy prices listed for a 90-day supply as of June 2017. Comparison pricing from Pricing is subject to change. Call the Living Well Health Center Pharmacy for most recent pricing (425) 497-1225.
For more details on your health plan coverage, visit if you are on CorpNet and if you are outside the corporate network.
**Excludes Maui Jim and Tom Ford.

What about additional charges? How will I know if there are any?

The base cost of a service will be the price published in the fee schedule. Depending on services provided, there may be additional charges (i.e. labs ordered, crutches, splint, etc). We’ll make every attempt to notify you of additional charges.

Can I pay for my visit at the time of the visit?

The Living Well Health Center has partnered with Premera to now offer you the ability to conveniently pay at the start of your visit. You can use your debit, credit or HSA card for payments at the Living Well Health Center. As a patient, you also have the "pay later" option which will result in a bill mailed directly to you. That bill will reflect the same amount as the amount collected at the time of the service. No additional charges will be added.

To ensure accuracy of the amount being collected, Crossover does a daily API call to Premera and receives up-to-date information on the status of your deductible. The base cost of service is detailed in the fee schedule below. The visit fee will still be processed through Premera, applied towards your deductible and will then show up in your Premera Connect Your Care account. If non-preventative labs are sent out for processing, you might also receive a bill from LabCorp. We will notify you if we are sending out these types of labs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

If I have a follow-up visit resulting from a preventive exam, do I have a visit charge?

A follow-up visit after a preventive exam is diagnostic and no longer falls under preventive guidelines. For example, follow-up visits associated with abnormal labs, new issues or disease management. So yes, a follow up visit after a preventive exam will have a visit charge.

Does the Living Well Health Center pharmacy always have the best prices on prescription medications?

Not always, but often, especially for generic and over-the-counter medications. You can also get 90-day refills there, which offer even better savings. Call the Living Well Health Center pharmacy at (425) 497-1225 for a quote on your specific prescription.

If you take a brand medication on a regular basis, you may find the best price is through Express Scripts mail order (visit and click on "Filling a Prescription" for more information).